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South ft. Lauren Zoeller- Daydreaming

South ft. Lauren Zoeller- Daydreaming

Tennessee producer duo South returns, with vocalist Lauren Zoeller, for their latest track “Daydreaming.” Taking the Drum N’ Bass route this round, this track yields a ton of momentum by using a slow, vibrating bass before diving into the hectic percussion lines the genre is known for. As if taking a note on this, Lauren’s vibrato fits nicely with the oscillating bass breaks and filtering. That’s all just before we transition into a dubby breakdown, sandwiched just before the last drop. Finally, we hear South’s square synth, with a fair hint of wobble and dreaminess. Last appearing on “Work,” it’s definitely becoming a mainstay in their sound.

Quickly rising in the Southern bass music scene and clocking in thousands of plays, Chris Dilday and Julius Smith show no signs of slowing down. Lauren Zoeller is also setting up for an upcoming album with her band, so there’s new material to be had on all fronts.

“Daydreaming” is available for Free Download on South’s Soundcloud page.



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Tom Rogers

October 5th, 2015

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