Roger Shah: Behind the Balearic Beauty

Roger Shah: Behind the Balearic Beauty

Roger Shah has been having one hell of a great summer. Between touring around the globe and several music releases, his name has been popping up everywhere. One of the biggest reasons why however is due to release of his highly anticipated Sunlounger album, Balearic Beauty. Not only is the new album incredible, but we got the inside scoop from Mr. Sunlounger himself on the inspiration behind it. Check it out in the interview below.


Your new Sunlounger album, Balearic Beauty, features two completely different disks. One more relaxed and mellow while the other is more upbeat. Why the difference between the two of them?

“It’s a formula and concept we created when I did the first album back in 2007. Sunlounger is my Balearic and chill project. That’s why CD1 has the chillout versions and CD 2 the more upbeat versions but I still see the version rather played at the beach than in a club.”

roger shahWhat was your inspiration behind the album and the two different styles of music?

“I see a Sunlounger album more as a piece of art where I don’t focus on single releases. I wanted to create something special with the entire album. I think this is a reason why we always hit the album charts around the world. People want to have an album, not just individual tracks. As mentioned, Sunlounger is my Balearic trademark alias under which I always do chill and dance, so I want to give the people the chill versions to relax and also some versions to dance and move to.”

What excites you most about the new album?

“The fact that I managed to work with so many new singers from around the world. They come from different genres and cultural backgrounds so I have a lot of world music influences which I tried to fit into the overall picture of Sunlounger.”

It’s been almost 3 years since your last Sunlounger album. Any specific reason for the big gap between albums?

“One reason has been my Roger Shah solo artist album which I released in 2011. That and my old record company decided to do a remix album and a DJ mix compilation in 2012 so there was no time for a Sunlounger album. Since Sunlounger is very special for me and my fans, I wanted to have my full focus on the album and not compete with other big projects.”

What kind of thoughts, feelings or emotions are you looking to get out of your listeners with Balearic Beauty? Is there anything in particular that they can expect from it?

“In a time where a lot of artists from my music genre are changing or blending styles together, which is something I love to do myself when working on a Roger Shah single, I wanted to keep the Sunlounger album pure and in my 100% Balearic trademark style. It’s an album just to listen to. It’s not DJ friendly at all. So they can expect my trademark guitars, real instruments and the organic Sunlounger sound.”

Aside from Balearic Beauty, where else do you draw your inspiration for your music?

“Music wise, I’m very open minded. I listen to so many different genres from house to trance, classical orchestra to rock, from 80’s to reggae. So all my inspirations are coming from different musical influences and being combined with experiences during my world wide travels.”

Roger ShahDo you have any other new tracks or collaborations coming out that we can look forward to hearing?

“Oh yes, I’m working on a lot of new tracks and collabs. My next single will be a collaboration with Russian #1 DJ Feel and my beloved Zara Taylor. I think this is going to be huge and the fans of my previous singles with Zara, who liked ‘Lost’ or ‘Try To Be Love’, will really enjoy this new single. I can’t wait to share it. Furthermore, I’m working on a big project called ‘Roger Shah ft. People Of The World’ where I invite everybody from around the world to sing along with me. They record their voice and send it to me and i build a huge stadium type of choir.¬†We will be launching it in a couple of days. More information about it will be posted on my Facebook very soon and we will be creating a special website for it where we credit all the people who sent in their voices. I’m really excited about it.”

You were just here in New York just last month and we see that you only have a few shows left on your schedule (Switzerland and San Francisco). Are there any new tours coming up once the summer ends?

“Yes! We are working on a big Sunlounger album world tour. It’ll take some time to prepare but since I’ve had a crazy summer and a lot of work in the studio, I’ve decided to have a little break. We will announce new dates very soon. All I can say is that I’ll coming back to the US in October to play in Los Angeles and San Diego. I guess I’ll visit NYC again for the Sunlounger album tour. I’ll have more information on it soon.”

As always, we want to offer up a huge congratulations to Roger on the release of the new Sunlounger album, Balearic Beauty as well as thank him for taking the time to answer some of our questions about it. We can’t wait to hear more info on his future tour plans.


Sunlounger: Balearic Beauty is available for purchase and download at:
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September 3rd, 2013

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