Mako – Smoke Filled Room (MNYKR & Snowmass Remix)

Mako – Smoke Filled Room (MNYKR & Snowmass Remix)

Since teaming up on their Myon & Shane 54 remix last year, MNYKR & Snowmass have gotten together again for another melodic trap rendition — this time it’s for Mako’s “Smoke Filled Room.” Surged chords support a throwback pitched vocal, occasionally beefed up by Snowmass’ rapid-fire riser from his now regular #1 hype machine productions. Having clocked two Hype Machine #1s for remixes in the past few months, you can heart this one as it moves up the charts as well. What really takes this track up a notch is the children foley in the intro section, adding a nostalgic taste. It’s capitalized on later by quickening the gate on the vocal chops and falling back into a heavy hammered piano. The effect is warping a tropical house type track into a wound-down, reflective ambient piece.

Smoke Filled Room (MNYKR & Snowmass Remix) is available for free download via the Snowmass Soundcloud Page.

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Tom Rogers

February 4th, 2016

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