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In The Lab: Episode 016 ft. Gabriel Egö

In The Lab: Episode 016 ft. Gabriel Egö

When we asked Gabriel to do a mix for the In The Lab series, we saw all those light bulbs going off in his head as he was chomping at the bit. We’ve always given our guest mixers full creative freedom as we feel that it allows them to really tell the story they want through their music and Gabe took full advantage of it. On this episode of ITL, he put together a massive 2 hour mix that takes listeners on a journey through the darkest depths of trance to the highest of heavenly vocals. Once completed, he told us he couldn’t help but grin ear to ear while putting it together as he really gave it everything and then some. The track list caters to all trance listeners, regardless of their preferred specific sub-genre, and it was delivered beautifully. Check it out, this one is truly something special.





01. Sneijder, Katty Heath – The Only Place (UCast Remix)
02. Greg Downey – P45 (Original Mix)
03. Tiff Lacey, Ultrablue, Derek Aether – Fire In MY Heart (Original Mix)
04. Robert Nickson, M.I.K.E. Push – Tachyon (Extended Mix)
05. Aimoon – Moments of Life (Cold Rush Extended Remix)
06. Chris Schweizer – Loaded (Extended Mix)
07. Craig Connelly, Sue McLaren – Home (Will Rees Remix)
08. Tiff Lacey, Simon Pitt – Tears In Rain (ReOrder Dub Mix)
09. Neptune Project, Polly Strange – It Turns For You (The Noble Six Remix)
10. Cold Blue – Once In Time (Original Mix)
11. Ellez Ria – Inhuman (Original Mix)
12. Indecent Noise – War Cry (Original Mix)
13. Sneijder – Outsider (Extended Mix)
14. Paul Denton – Splinter (Original Mix)
15. Sam Jones – Good Love (Original Mix)
16. Bryan Kearney – Adrenaline (Original Mix)
17. Lostly – By Morning You’ll Be Gone (Extended Mix)
18. Kristina Sky, Orla Feeney – Crestfallen (Original Mix)
19. Andy Cain, Clair Willis, Rob Harnetty – Come To Life (Original Mix)
20. Dan Stone, Ferry Tayle – Vona (Extended Mix)
21. Ronald van Gelderen, Paul van Dyk, Gaelen, Eric Lumiere – Everyone Needs Love (Paul van Dyk Remix)
22. Craig Connelly, Jessica Lawrence – How Can I (John O’Callaghan Remix)



Greg Starr

May 15th, 2017

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