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In The Lab: Episode 013 ft. ejosue

In The Lab: Episode 013 ft. ejosue

The musical talent up here in the tri-state area is incredible. NYC is a hotbed of it and it’s sprawling far and wide. Our newest episode of In The Lab is coming courtesy of some of that fresh young talent right here in our own backyard. Esteban Josue, aka ejosue, hails from the northern Jersey area where he’s been sharpening his skills and honing the craft for several years now. He’s found himself a home in the world of trance taking inspiration from genre heavyweights such as Pulser, Juventa and The Thrillseekers.

In this episode of ITL, ejosue draws upon those influences to deliver us an hour long journey through the depths of trance. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride! Tracklist below!





01 – Name is the answer (Original Mix) – Evol Waves
02 – I’ve got the power (Original Mix) – Alex Di Stefano
03 – Drive out (Marc Simz Remix) – MDX
04 – El dorado (Original Mix) – Bart Claessen and Martens
05 – Infatuation (Nitrous Oxide) – Maor Levi & Raul Siberdi
06 – Daydrem (Lemon & Einar K Remix) – Markus Schulz vs Andy Moor
07 – If I don’t come home (JOC Remix) – John 00 Fleming
08 – Cloudwalking (Nick Callaghan 2016 Remix) – Pulser
09 – Second chapter (Original Mix) – Flynn & Denton
10 – Tunnel vision (Original Mix) – Allen Watts
11 – Turbo (Original Mix) – Sean Tyas
12 – Us (Original Mix) – Simon Patterson



Greg Starr

October 17th, 2016

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