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In The Lab: Episode 012 ft. Tom Rogers

In The Lab: Episode 012 ft. Tom Rogers

The art of DJ’ing seems to have been lost somewhere along the way in the last several years. More and more we see guys getting up on stage and doing nothing more than pressing play and pretending to twist a few knobs. Then there are the guys like Tom Rogers, a fellow contributor here at AC who has a genuine love for music and has done more than his fair share of dirty work behind the decks, learning the actual craft. His talent really shows in the newest episode of In The Lab where he masterfully put together an amazing 1 hour mix that draws inspiration from all over the place. From the samples he uses to the timing of the track selection, ITL002 takes everything you thought you knew about DJ’ing and flips it upside down.

This mix was well over due and sure enough was 100% worth the wait. It may only be the end of March, but this has “Mix Of The Year” written all over it!






Greg Starr

March 29th, 2016

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