Interview with Plastik Funk

Interview with Plastik Funk

We recently got a chance to ask Plastik Funk about the hype around their new track “Tight,” coming up as a hip-hop duo, and two of their upcoming releases on Mixmash and Armada Deep.

Bio/Press Release:

Last year, German powerhouse duo Plastik Funk took the dance music scene by storm with their smash hit “Who” (with Tujamo), and now they’ve returned with another groovy, seductive house track to kick off 2016. The new release, “Tight” (with Strobe, Lazn feat. Sapele) may sound familiar to those with well-trained ears; some heavy hitters like Nicky Romero, Martin Garrix, Gregor Salto, Don Diablo among others have featured it in their sets and radio shows as an ID, and listeners mistakenly tagged the track as a brand new Eelke Kleijn & Mike Mago single. With its deep house influences and soulful vocals, “Tight”, as Flamingo Recordings’ release, will ignite dance floors around the globe – and perhaps even inspire some late night romance after the club.

Rafael Ximenez-Carrilo and Mikio Gruschinske did not always intend to create electronic music; the two began DJing hip hop music while in high school together, but branched into house music after being transformed by the beats of legends like Frankie Knuckles and David Morales. After a series of club hits, Plastik Funk joined the international tour scene and then produced “Who”, which put them in the UK spotlight and peaked at 21 on the UK Singles Chart. Plastik Funk have since fine-tuned their signature sound, which blurs the lines between progressive and tech house to create a captivating and energetic vibe that is suitable for both relaxing and hitting the town. The early attention “Tight” has gained from its ID speculation positions Plastik Funk for a well-deserved place as one of this year’s hottest rising talent.


Congratulations on the release of your latest track, Tight! What has been the overall response to it?

We are so happy that the feedback on this track is so overwhelming! It’s getting supported by guys like Martin Garrix, Nicky Romero, Don Diablo, Fedde Le Grand, Yves V or Ummet Ozcan, who are more famous for more big room kinda style. Probably it’s about time to get back to real house!

There are quite a lot of names on there! How did the collaboration come about?

Well, it’s quite easy: Plastik Funk… that’s us of course. Strobe and Lazn are studio/production partners from Munich and Sapele is a very talented singer and songwriter from Sweden. We were hanging out a lot with Strobe during ADE 2015 and just said, that we need to do a track together. They sent us an initial idea. We worked on that and wrote the vocal with Sapele. The result is actually #48 beatport house charts 😉

What was it like working with Strobe, Lazn and Saepele? How have they helped influence the record?

Strobe & Lazn are a well running machine when it comes to productions. They are very routined and quick. We need more time but maybe just added the right ideas here and there with some sound design and. Sapele from Stockholm, who we met during some songwriting sessions in the Swedish capital a year ago, has that feeling for music, that we all love and which perfectly fits to our sound!

We notice you’ve been across quite a few genres of house – there are slower, more summery type tracks as well as modern progressive house. Is this something you will keep doing as time goes on?

Our problem always was, that we love all kinds of house music. So it was hard to stick to just one kind of music. In general, what we do now is where we came from and which will be our signature sound for the future, too.

You guys sure love incorporating Trumpets on a lot of your tracks. Do you have any favorite things you do to make them so huge?

We always layer our sounds, many times with totally different kind of sounds, sometimes up to 6 different ones. Mixing it together and adding some nice reverb makes it sound big.

Was there a particular record that caused you guys to shift to dance? I know you’re big Frankie Knuckles and Dave Morales fans, and spent some time when you were younger playing hip hop.

We just got infected back in the ninetees when we heard Frankie, David or Tony Humphries play in our hometowns. It was like falling in love with a certain kind of music.


Do you credit hip hop in putting together some of the distinctive cadences in your lead lines?

Hip hop has the best grooves, in rhythm and melodies. We will always be influenced by that sound. It makes you shake your booty and the girls start dancing, that’s all we need!

We caught your C&C Music Factory remix, for “Everybody Dance Now.” Tell us about some of the first dance records you’ve heard.

That was actually our commercially most successful record so far… hahaha. The first dance records we heard were tracks from Relief, Strictly Rhythm, Trax and so on. Those were a game changer!

Since you have been DJ’s for a while now, have there been any other career aspirations? Any studies?

Actually we were asked the same thing by our parents 😉 We both learned some “serious“”jobs before we became professional DJs. But being a DJ, traveling the world to make people dance with your music is just the best job you can have! When we are too old to travel we probably start writing a travel guide or hotel tips.

What are some of the challenges you guys face when producing as a duo? Does your working relationship affect your personal one?

A duo means, there is always two opinions. Sometimes it helps sometimes it makes things more difficult. But after being “married” for almost 15 years, you know how to treat your partner. We call ourselves the working wives 😉

What sort of tone and mood were you guys looking to set with your music? Do you feel that you achieved it in most/if not all of your productions?

Music always comes with moods, or at least it should. It’s a combination of mood and actual happenings. Every track we made is a reflection of our current situation. Maybe one day you will hear a ballad 😉

From an artist standpoint, whats next for you guys? (goals you’d like to accomplish, certain productions you’d like to set in motion, etc.)

We hope to write more songs that really catch the minds and hearts of the people out there. Being constantly played on the radio or hearing your music in a movie would be awesome. But we are coming from the club and will always make music for the dance floor!

Do you have any other productions or collaborations that you’re working on that you can tell us about?

We have just finished a remix for Mixmash Records and one for Warner Music. Three singles will be released thru Armada Deep records and we are also working on the followup single for “Tight” already 😉

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Tom Rogers

March 3rd, 2016

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