Headhunterz ft. Tatu – Colors (Yellow Claw Remix)

Headhunterz ft. Tatu – Colors (Yellow Claw Remix)

The original production of Colors by Headhunterz featuring Tatu is a great track all on its own. It’s got an awesome beat, great vocals and it almost a guaranteed hit when incorporated into a mix. But sometimes you just want to take a track, flip it upside down and put a dirty spin on it. That’s exactly what Yellow Claw has done in his trap remix of Colors. Deep bass, timely hi-hats and a very dubsteppy feel instantly launch this track to the top of our list of tracks for those who love to get down and dirty. It was officially released back in the end of January so make sure you have a listen and nab a copy for yourself through Beatport.




Greg Starr

February 13th, 2014

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