Grant Saxena – Zenith

Grant Saxena – Zenith

Grant Saxena. aka DJ Sax, has been pumping out great records for a few years now and we’re excited to see just how much he’s grown as a producer. He specializes in that transient genre of progressive trance ¬†where he’s able to flex his creativity and put down some awesome melodies. His latest release, Zenith, is a testament to how he’s standing out from the rest. The vibe is screaming Armin/Ferry circa 2011 which as we know is considered by many to be the golden era of trance. The hook he’s put together really lures listeners in while beat carries them along for the ride. Released just says ago, we’re beyond ecstatic to have added this one to our collection. Check it out if you haven’t heard it yet and be sure to grab it on Beatport!





Greg Starr

May 25th, 2017

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