Empirian – Waves

Empirian – Waves

In our inbox last week was a new record from an unknown artist by the name of Empirian. We say unknown because he seems like he’s just getting started on his musical journey as a producer (based on social media such as SoundCloud). The track in question was his original track, Waves, which just released today on Infrasonic. It’s a big progressive trance record that features a fun, dance-able beat a melody that creates a feeling of calmness. Major kudos to Dennis (his real name) for producing something with incredible polish so early on. Typically we don’t see this sort of technicality until they’re several years into their musical careers. Waves officially hit the marketplace just earlier today so grab on Beatport it while it’s hot. It’s definitely one of our faves we’ve seen so far in 2017!





Greg Starr

January 23rd, 2017

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