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BT’s Electronic Opus – Dreaming

BT’s Electronic Opus – Dreaming

Brian Transeau, better known as BT, is back at it with yet another stunning album. Dubbed “Electric Opus,” the new release due out October 12th features recontextualizations of some of the Grammy-nominated artist’s biggest hits. The preview track is a twisted version of his classic “Dreaming,” crossed with an orchestral performance and aggressive dubstep growls. It’s no secret BT has been on the cusp of technology and dance’s intersections for a while now. While many know him as a more subdued electronic artist for his ambient, trance and IDM-influenced pieces, this version of “Dreaming” shows Brian can rage with the kings of the new school as well. Having collaborated with a slew of newer artists on his last Armada album, this idea is less surprising for the avid fan, but a considerable leap into the overall melting pot of this artist’s timeline.

I was admittedly shocked when I realized the direction this version was going in, but by the time the strings kick in the momentum is very exciting. Quick staccato inflections, breakbeats, and BT’s signature stutter edits takes the listener into a style that simply isn’t being done very often in dance right now. That’s always what’s separated his records, and the full album looks to deliver one of his most interesting collections of sound yet.


BT’s Electronic Opus drops October 12th and is available for Pre-Order now, with some awards in place for those who jump in early.


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Tom Rogers

October 5th, 2015

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