2016 Rewind: Audible Chemistry Favorites!

2016 Rewind: Audible Chemistry Favorites!

When we look back upon 2016, our initial reaction feels like a kick in the gut. From all the social and political issues we’ve seen astir to the huge blows the music industry took with the loss of icons like Prince and David Bowie who influenced so many, it’s easy to understand why we feel that way. However we continue to look for the bright side in things and realize that when we take a step back, 2016 was overloaded with a plethora of amazing music. From originals to remixes, we refuse to let the turmoil of last year get us down. While they’re traditionally known as “best of” lists, we feel that term is way too subjective. So we’ll just say that here’s our picks and personal favorites from 2016.


Favorite Record:

Greg’s Pick: Luke Bond vs CARTEL – Once More (Dan Stone Remix)

This was rather an easy pick. From the moment we heard Aly & Fila debut it on their massive essential mix that kicked off the year we knew everything else was playing for second place. The atmosphere, the build, the emotion that Dan was able to pull out of listeners left us begging for more. It was unvelievable from start to finish and it’s 100% the perfect example of what a remix has the potential to be when done correctly.

Runner Up: Sean Tyas & Darren Porter – Relentless

Tom’s Pick: Rhys Thomas – The Curve

A track that slams on the gas with a hard hitting bass line and a massive atmospheric build… what more could you ask for?




Overlooked Record: 

You know… that track you’ve probably never heard of until now…

Tom’s Pick: Jardin – Suicide Circus


Greg’s Pick: Alex van ReeVe & The Cracken – Blue Energy




Mix of The Year:

Greg’s Pick: Aly & Fila – BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix


Tom’s Pick: Sean Tyas – Degenerate Radio 099




2017 Artist to Watch:

Tom’s Pick: Tempo Giusto


Greg’s Pick: Magnus



Like our picks? Think we overlooked something? Hate us with a passion? Let us know!



Greg Starr

January 3rd, 2017

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